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World Team Tennis League

An awesome combination of tennis, fun and team play! Perfect way for beginners and experts to play together! 

Location: Home matches at Biltmore Hills; Away matches against other teams at different tennis clubs and private parks around Raleigh.

Important Dates for the Summer 2016 World Team Tennis League

   *  April 20 – Captains Meeting

   *  May 2 – Schedules Posted

   *  May 9 – First Week of Matches

   *  Aug. 12 -14 – Raleigh National Qualifiers 


Match Nights:

   *  2.5 - Tues.  7:00 pm

   *  3.0 - Mon.   7:00 pm

   *  3.5 - Thur.  7:00 pm

   *  4.0 - Wed.   7:00 pm

   *  4.5 - Tues.   7:00 pm

World Team Tennis

Raleigh Parks and Recreation

2015 Summer

Rules and Regulations

I.             League Format

The Raleigh World Team Tennis League will consist of city, club and subdivision teams who can guarantee the use of two lit tennis courts to play their matches. The league will be divided into NTRP levels, playing on these evenings at 7:00pm:  2.5 Tue, 3.0 Mon, 3.5 Thur, 4.0 Wed, 4.5 Tue and Seniors 3.5 Mondays and Seniors 4.0 on Tuesdays.  Players are not required to have a USTA rating and can self-rate using the National Tennis Rating Program.  In forming teams, remember that a player may play above his or her level but not below (i.e. a 3.5 player may play at the 4.0 level but not at the 3.0 level). 


Team Format

  1. A team must have a minimum of four players to form a team, two men and two women.  It is recommended that a team have at least six players on the roster.  The national limit on the number of players per team is ten, but for the Raleigh local league, there is no upper limit to the number of players.  If a team advances to regional play, they may only take ten players who have a 2 match minimum.
  2. Only players listed on the team roster may play in the match.
  3. Any team using an ineligible player will forfeit the team match where the player is used and cannot continuing playing the rest of the season.
  4.  Players may be added to team rosters by registering online prior to that player playing a match.
  5. Deadline for adding new players is Monday July 20st.


  1. Match Format
  1. Teams will play one match per week on their designated evening.
  2. Each team match will consist of two singles - men and women, two doubles - men and women, and two mixed doubles. Two men and two women are needed on court by 7pm to start a match.
  3. Warm-up begins at 6:45pm and play begins at 7pm. The first matches must begin at 7pm.
  4. Teams not on the court by 7pm can be defaulted by the opposing team. *
  5. Home team captain must submit starting line-up to opposing team captain before the start of each set.  Each team captain has until the end of the three minute break between sets to submit starting line-up for the next set. 
  6. Individual matches will be eight game pro set using no-ad scoring. This means a game is won by the first team to win four points (15, 30, 40, game).  When the game score is deuce (40-40), the receiving team chooses which side is to receive the serve.  In the mixed doubles set, the deuce point must be served gender to gender. 
  7. If the score becomes 7-7, a nine-point tiebreaker is played, first to five, win by one, switching sides after the first 4 points.
  8. The winner of the match will be determined by the total number of games won.  However, set number six will be the deciding factor to determine whether a match will go into overtime, Note: Players cannot play in both mixed doubles sets.

After both mixed doubles sets are finished and scores are recorded and totaled, the procedure is as follows:

      • If the leading team won set number six, the match is over.
      • If the trailing team won set number six, the match continues into overtime until the leading team wins one game or until the score is tied.  If a tie occurs, a Supertiebreaker will be played to determine the winner.
      • A coin toss determines the choice of side, server and receiver. Players change sides after six points. The first team to win seven points is awarded a single game and the match.
      • Overtime is a continuation of the sixth set.   Match number six should be designated as the strongest mixed doubles team.  Once you have come out of the mixed doubles set, you cannot return in overtime.  The first person to serve in overtime is the person who was next to serve at the end of the sixth set.  This OVERTIME rule gives the trailing team a chance to make a comeback.  It also emphasizes the importance of the mixed doubles set.
  1. Substitutions: A team can at any point, INCLUDING THE SUPERTIEBREAKER, substitute a player (same gender) into a set for any reason.  Once a player is replaced, he/she cannot return in that set and players cannot play in both mixed doubles.  If a substitution occurs in doubles, the remaining player cannot change the side on which he/she receives or the service order.  Substitutions are allowed in overtime if a player has not already played in mixed doubles.  The Supertiebreaker should be treated as a new set, and all substitutions are allowed.
  2. Warm-Up Time: In WTT you warm up with your teammates.  All players are allowed a five minute warm-up.  All team members are encouraged to warm-up during this time.  Once play has begun, a three minute warm-up is allowed between sets.  This must be adhered to so that all sets will be completed in the time allotted. 

Players are NOT allowed to warm up on any other courts unless there is equal court space for both teams.

  1. Service Order: The home team serves first in all doubles sets.  (In the six-set format, the away team serves first in the fifth set and the home team serves first in the sixth set.)  The away team serves first in the singles sets.  Note:  Since the serving order is predetermined, the receiving team selects from which end of the court they want to receive.
  2. Changing Ends: After every four games players change ends. In the nine-point tiebreaker, change ends only after the first four points.  In the Supertiebreaker, change ends after every six points. 
  3. Service Lets: Service lets will be played.  When a serve hits the net and bounces within the service court, the ball is playable.  In doubles, either player on the receiving side may return the ball after it bounces.  If any player on the court calls “let” he/she loses the point.  If players on both teams call “let” then the point will be replayed.
  1. Tennis Balls

The home team is responsible for providing two cans of new tennis balls for matches.

  1. Rain or Light  

If it starts to rain or the lights go out during a match, team captains should get together and make a decision as to playing conditions. If it is determined that play cannot resume within thirty minutes, then the match will be called off for the night. Any completed individual matches will stand and any matches in progress will be made up from the beginning (i.e.: 0-0). Teams do not have to use the same lineups for the make-up match.


Make up matches should be scheduled Friday, 7-10pm, the same week of the original match date.  If Friday is rained out or already has a makeup match scheduled, then the match should be scheduled for the following Friday.  Any team that cannot field 2 men and 2 women forfeits the match.  The home team captain should reserve 2 courts, Friday, 7-10pm.  City courts will always be available on Friday nights, $3/hr.


If the last match of the season is rained out and the rescheduled Friday match is also rained out, the match should be scheduled the next week on the same day and time that the matches are usually scheduled.  If that match is rained out then it should be scheduled on Friday.


 * Team captains are responsible for reserving all make up matches with their facility.  A fee will incur if you are a club team needing/using city courts.


  1. Court Issues – Club/Subdivision Teams - If you have last minute conflicts with your courts the night of your scheduled match, you will forfeit the match if you can’t secure other courts to play on.  Please contact our league schedulers, Tim or Amber, for City court availability.  Club/Subdivision teams will be charged $18/match if using City courts paid at the time of play.


  1. Match Results

The winning team captain, or their representative, is responsible for entering the match score onto www.wtt.com within
2 days of the match.  After 2 days, either team may enter the score.


  1. Determining League Winner

The league will run 9 weeks. If 2 teams are tied with identical records, the League champion will determined as follows:

  1. Head to head play
  2. If two teams split wins or there is a three way tie with A beating B, B beating C, and C beating A, the following tie-break procedure will be used: In matches involving the affected teams the tie will be broken based on the following:

        Fewest individual matches lost in the head to head match(es)

        Fewest sets lost in the head to head match(es)

        Fewest games lost in the head to head match(es)


Because of byes and the varying number of teams who may sign up, teams may not be playing the same number of matches and

may not play all teams. If 2 teams have the same number of team losses then winning % will determine the winner.


  Key Dates