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9 Junior Team Tennis Players Graduating From High School with High Honors and Aspirations!
Bios Listed Below
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Lamar Gilchrist

6th Grade

Age 11

Carnage Middle School


Please join us in honoring Lamar Gilchrist!  Lamar has been selected as our 2nd Quarter Student of the Month for maintaining an A average for two consecutive quarters!


Lamar is a competitive tennis player for Ebony Junior Team Tennis where he has exhibited excellence both on and off the court.


Lamar won the Raleigh Consolation prize in the Boys 12 category in November (2014)!  Then went on to win the Raleigh Boys 12 Championship in December (2014)!


Lamar is an alumni of Bugg Elementary where he currently serves as a Junior Coach.  Lamar helps Coach the 7-time Champion, Bugg Elementary Ballhandlers Team every Wednesday. 


Lamar loves to play basketball!  He also enjoys swimming and running track.  He is in the Academically Gifted (AG) class at Carnage Middle School.  Lamar’s dream is to be a professional basketball player or a computer programmer.  He is a member of the Raleigh Rocket track team.  Lamar is known for his kind and gentle soul and his eagerness to help others as much as he can.  He even helps assist the children at Bugg Elementary with homework every day.


Congratulations Lamar!  You are our 2nd Quarter Student of the Month!  We are so very proud of you!


Britt Edwardo Lamont Mobley, II, a.k.a. “BJ” is a member of the Ebony Junior Tennis team and is an excellent tennis player, who is our Featured  Student of the Month.

BJ is a sixth grade student who attends East Millbrook Middle School where he is a member of the Green Club, Science Olympiad, Student Council and plays Double Bass in the Beginning String Orchestra.   BJ also plays piano and loves gospel music.

He was an outstanding honor A/B Honor Roll student for the 1st and 2nd quarter and achieved A Honor Roll status with straight A’s for the 3rd nine weeks.  His teacher nominated him for the International Baccalaureate Student of the Month for his outstanding leadership skills.

BJ was recently selected to participate in the Marbles Stem Play Corps Program because of his interest in science and he aspires to become an astronomer.

He and his family attend Living Word Family Church in Wake Forest, where is participates in the Royal Rangers Program that focuses the transitioning development of boys to men in a Christ like and fun atmosphere.

Hats off and Congratulations to Britt "BJ" Mobley!!!


Mr. Michael Spears is a 16 year old Jordan High School who was a recent recipient of the Duke University's student of the month award.  He  displays excellence in the classroom as well as  on the basketball and tennis courts.  Michael is a high academic achiever  who excels in math and has a a GPA of 4.6  As a academic scholar he aspired to attend Yale, Princeton or Harvard University after completing his high school education.

His parents, are Mr. Mrs. Spears and they are very proud parents and are members of our Ebony Racquet Club of Raleigh.
Congratulation Michael, we are very proud of your success.


See article below from the Herald Sun or click link to print.



The Herald Sun

Duke University’s Student of the Month: Jordan student aims for Yale, Princeton

Jan. 13, 2014 @ 11:19 AM

Gregory Childress

Michael Spears is talented on and off the court. Ultimately, he is aiming to win an academic scholarship.


James Hopkins, assistant principal at Jordan High School, did a double-take when he saw Michael Spears sitting in a conference room near the principal’s office that’s usually reserved for students who have gotten in trouble.

But Spears, a 16 year-old junior who plays power forward on the school’s basketball team, hadn’t broken any rules.

He was in the conference reserved for rule breakers for a very different reason -- to be interviewed by a reporter because he’s been an exemplary student.

“Spears, everything straight?” Hopkins asked, peering into the conference room.

When told Spears had been named the school district’s Student of the Month for January, Hopkins breathed a sigh of relief.

“I knew it had to be for something good,” Hopkins said. “This is the bad office, so it was real peculiar to see Mike sitting in here.”

Spears, who sports a 4.6 weighted grade-point average, had just enjoyed one of his best outings on the basketball court, scoring 17 points against rivals Hillside High School in an 89-77 victory.

In addition to basketball, Spears is an aspiring tennis player and has been practicing piano for about six years.

“I was more surprised that they picked me out of all the other smart kids at this school,” Spears said.

While all smiles about his play and the Falcons win against Hillside, Spears believes there’s an academic scholarship in his future rather than an athletic one.

“I want an academic scholarship, and I was looking at some Ivy League schools,” Spears said.

He said his schools of choice are Princeton and Yale, where he plans to pursue a degree in business. He’s also expressed interested in Duke and Stanford universities.

Spears recently learned that he is a math finalist to attend the Governor’s School of North Carolina, an honor of which his principal, Jerome Leathers, who nominated him for Student of the Month and his parents, Herman Spears and Nancy Lee Spears are especially proud.

“My wife and I are very proud of how he has put forth his best effort with regard to his academics,” Herman spears said. “We know he is a dedicated student.”

Michael Spears is an avid chess player and taught kids chess at the Durham Arts Council to play while volunteering there last summer.  He also tutors members of the basketball team.  “We are proud of him as a human being and at his humbleness,” Herman Spears said. “We know God has given him a special gift and he’s chosen to use it.”

Michael Spears said his parents were his early motivators but he now pushes himself to earn good grades.

“I’m a hard worker and pretty much self-motivated and I’m curious,” Spears said. “[My parents] pushed me early on, but I don’t really need them now to be right there [all of the time].”


Duke University and its Office of Durham and Regional Affairs are proud to sponsor Duke University’s Durham Student of the Month. The Office of Durham and Regional Affairs strives to broaden and strengthen engagement with Durham and the Research Triangle region. Visit community.duke. edu to learn more about the office’s educational outreach, neighborhood quality of life and economic development initiatives.

: 16
GPA: 4.6
School: C.E. Jordan High School
Favorite Book: Eragon by Christopher Paolini
Favorite Music: Hip hop