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Ebony Racquet Club & Ebony Junior Team Tennis are entities that both strive to unite and strengthen the community through the love of tennis. Our primary focus is keeping our youth (ages 5-18) productive, academically successful, well-mannered and physically active through various events, mentorships, exercise and tennis programs! We value family togetherness and strongly believe that family and friends that play together, stay together! Our Adult Tennis programs are designed for all – from pros to first time players! We believe that tennis is a family sport! Tennis is a lifetime sport! Tennis can keep you active as a child, parent or senior-citizen! Ebony is producing winning youth and advancing the skill levels of our adult players! But in order to continue on our mission, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!



To reach our goals, we need the continued support of our sponsors, partners and volunteers! Our supporters include businesses, groups and individuals that share common goals geared toward overall improvement within our community! And these supporters partner with us to achieve those goals! This network of Ebony Partnerships Improving Communities (or EPIC for short) has been vital in helping us thrive at all stages of our journey. Our list of supportive EPIC Members continues to grow! We hope you too will join us!


If you would like to join our EPIC movement, please click here to become an EPIC Member TODAY!

Benefits of Becoming an EPIC Partner:

     •You, your company and/or your event will be listed on our EPIC webpage, social media, brochures, banners, etc!
     •You will join a network of like-minded professionals with whom you may share your business and services.
     •You will receive VIP status at our events!

EPIC Sponsorship Levels:

     •Gold Sponsorship: Donation of $1,000 or more
     •Silver Sponsorship: Donation of $500 or more
     •Bronze Sponsorship: Donation of $300 or more



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