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The History of the Mahogany Tennis Classic:

~ Excerpt courtesy of www.metctennis.com

In 1985, a group of tennis players from eastern North Carolina met to discuss the organizing of their tennis circuit. From this meeting, The Mahogany Tennis Classic was formed.

Mahogany, a select group of tennis teams from eastern North Carolina, was to be a rotating team tennis tournament with individual awards as well. Age brackets were not used because in the challenge matches everyone played each other, regardless of age.

It has been a pleasure watching Mahogany grow from a sheet of paper to over 80 entrants in 1991 <and to over 150 in 2015!>

The first Classic was held in Goldsboro in 1986 on July 4th weekend. Since the 4th does not always fall on a weekend, the date was changed to Memorial Day weekend.

In 1987, Mahogany rotated to Greenville. That was the first year of <the> annual family cookout. The cookout was one of the best ideas to come out of Mahogany since it started.

The next year was Raleigh's turn to host Mahogany. We had a great time. It was also the first time the GTA did not win the championship trophy.

In 1899, Rocky Mount was the host for the Mahogany tourney. No one knew the Aces had so many members. The tournament really helped them to pull their team together. That was also the year of the first Mahogany Volvo team.

1990 was the year the everyone was waiting for a chance to go to Wilmington for Mahogany. 1990 also saw the addition of the Magic Express Tennis Club from Durham to our Mahogany family. We had so much fun in Wilmington that people were suggesting that Mahogany be held there every year. If they knew how many members the Seagulls brought out, they would change that tune.

1991 <saw> even more changes in the Classic. The Fayetteville University Wizards <hosted> it. It <was> the first time that age brackets <were> used. Also, <Mahogany> developed a constitution and by-laws and <began> trying to get sponsored. 1991 <was also the start> of the Ladies Mahogany USTA 3.0 team.

The Mahogany Classic has grown and the Board of Directors has taken some positive steps to assure future growth. With the people we have working for us, we can't go wrong.
~ Excerpt courtesy of www.metctennis.com